Cowboys, Clowns, and Prohibition

Flavors of the Midwest!

As we enter the spooky season our thoughts turn toward sweet treats and drinks, and one of our best selling exotic sodas happens to be Faygo.  Loved by Midwesterners and Juggalos alike, Faygo is headquartered in Detroit Michigan and comes in over fifty unusual flavors with eccentric names like Rocket, Rock & Rye, and Moon Mist.  Originally known as Feigenson Brothers Bottle Works, Faygo was founded by Russian immigrants who came to the US in search of a better life.  As former bakers, the Feigensons thought cake frosting might make a delicious and unique way to flavor drinks, and they were right.  The original sodas produced came in  Fruit Punch, Strawberry, and Grape and were delivered direct from the factory via horse drawn wagon.

Cowboys, Clowns, and Prohibition

Since its founding in 1907,  Faygo has enjoyed 107 years of success.  Even during prohibition and the great depression, their brand continued to grow.  Capitalizing on the ban of alcohol, Feigenson Brothers Bottle Works began naming their sodas after alcoholic drinks.  By the time the company was 33 years old it was passed down to the Feigensons’ children who updated the brand with the Faygo Kid, a fictional cowboy who appeared in advertisements that ran on both television and radio networks.  In fact, The Faygo Kid was such a successful campaign it holds a place in the Advertising Hall of Fame.  In the 90s, the music group Insane Clown Posse threw a bottle of Faygo at a group of hecklers.  The bottle toss was received so well by their fans ICP decided to incorporate “Faygo Showers” into their concerts, thus making the drink the official soda of Juggalos everywhere.

Taste American History with Faygo Soda

Desert Drinks loves all things off beat, and with its unusual history and fanbase, Faygo is a unique piece of Americana.  Whether you're a fan of ICP, affordable sodas, or you're simply looking for something unusual this Halloween, Faygo has it all.  Desert Drinks carries most Faygo flavors including Cream Soda, Peach, Cotton Candy, Rock & Rye, Pineapple, Pineapple Watermelon, Raspberry Blueberry, Pineapple Orange, Red Pop, Orange, Moon Mist, Cola, and Firework, which are currently in stock!  So why not pick up a bottle today and try something exotic!

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