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March SNACKness is Here

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The Patron Saint of Ireland

We at Desert Drinks have been hard at work organizing our March “Snackness” subscription boxes.  We’ve crammed them FULL of all the amazing, fruit-flavored, exotic snacks and exotic sodas you could ever hope for.  While March marks the beginning of warmer months, it also hosts one of our favorite holidays.  Desert Drinks is all about good food and drink; St. Patrick’s day brings that and more.  Green beer, parades, revelers decked in green, and the quintessential corned beef and cabbage all take center stage on St. Patrick’s day, but the U.S. version of this holiday didn’t become the celebration we know today until the first gathering in 1930’s Boston.

What is St. Patrick’s Day, Really?

It all started 1.5 thousand years ago on March 17th, a date which purportedly marks the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death.  Commemorating the anniversary of his death was a way for people to celebrate the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.  But the story of St. Patrick doesn’t end there.  There’s another, much more romantic tale, of how the romano-british missionary drove all the snakes off the island.  There are some that believe this legend is symbolic and the snakes represent the decline of paganism in the face of new beliefs.  Though he isn’t an officially canonized saint, St. Patrick is lauded as an Irish folk hero and religious figure.

It shouldn’t be surprising that even the wearing of green has historical roots in Irish history.  During the Irish Rebellion, Irish soldiers wore green during their fight to expel the British.  Until the rebellion, the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was blue.  That all changed when the song “The Wearing of the Green” gained in popularity amongst Irish troops.  Wearing green became a sign of solidarity amongst Ireland's native citizens and eventually a holiday tradition.

St. Patrick’s Day Food

Desert Drinks can’t talk about the holidays without talking about our favorite thing, exotic food!  The current iteration of St. Patrick’s Day we enjoy in the U.S. got its start thanks to Irish immigrants, who brought their food and culture with them.  Corned beef and cabbage, in fact, is a recent creation, invented by Irish immigrants who were buying their beef from kosher markets.  The dish is a quintessential St. Patrick’s Day meal to many Irish-Americans but corned beef and cabbage isn’t commonly served in Ireland on the holiday.  Instead, the preferred meal is lamb or bacon.

So, if corned beef and cabbage and green beer aren’t traditional St. Patrick’s day fare, what are?  If you want to get authentic this year, here are some Irish foods you can add to your holiday celebration.

☘️Full Irish Breakfast:  Start off the day with a hearty meal guaranteed to keep you going late into the night.  To be a real “full Irish” breakfast your morning meal must include bacon, sausages, eggs and boxty (Irish potato pancakes).  Beans, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes are a nice addition, and if you’re feeling particularly brave you can add a slice of black pudding (Irish blood sausage).
☘️Lunch:  For lunch try something light.  Champ is a side dish made with boiled cabbage and mashed potatoes and green onion.  If that sounds too heavy, how about some rarebit?  Rarebit consists of toast, and a layer of gooey melted cheese mixed with mustard, Guinness, and Worcestershire sauce.
☘️The Main Event:  As previously stated, corned beef and cabbage is a primarily American tradition.  If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with an authentic dinner you can give Dublin Coddle a try.  This layered, casserole-like, dish consists of bacon, pork sausage, and potatoes.  If that’s not your thing, you could give beef and Guinness pie a go.  This delicious pie combines Guinness stout with tasty Irish Stew, topped with a flaky pastry crust.
☘️Dessert:  One of Ireland's most famous bakery products is barmbrack, a loaf cake full of dried fruits, whiskey, brown sugar and spices.  Another option is bread and butter pudding, a decadent dessert drowned in butter, cinnamon, sugar, and raisins.

But don’t stop there, end your celebration by cracking open one of our subscription boxes, full of all the exotic snacks and exotic sodas you crave.  Come on down to Desert Drinks and order your subscription Box today!


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