Flower Viewing Season

It’s Spring!

Along with warmer weather, the coming of spring brings a brand new array of exotic snacks and exotic sodas from Desert Drinks.  This April, we’ve put together a very special box full of fruity flavors, loads of macha zing, and there’s even sakura kit-kats.  If you’re ready to shrug off the chill of winter in favor of picnics, flower viewing, and delicious spring snacks, then Desert Drinks has you covered!

What are Sakura?

Speaking of sakura, it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and appreciate the spring blossoms.  Sakura are cherry blossoms, Japanese cherry blossoms to be specific, and they have been cherished for their beauty since the dawn of civilization.  The cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan, and considering cherry trees bloom in the spring, it’s no wonder these powdery pink blossoms are seen as a symbol of renewal and hope.  Because sakura season is very brief, they also represent the transient nature of life.  While these blooms are lovely, did you know they are also delicious?  If you’re interested in trying an exotic snack or exotic soda, sakura is worth a try.  The flavor is a favorite addition to many treats, not only in Japan but across Asia.  From teas, sodas, cookies, sake, cakes, and yes even starbucks coffee, brightly colored sakura flavors are everywhere this time of year but just like the flowers themselves, these flavors are seasonal.


Springtime in Japan is marked by the traditional custom of appreciating flowers, especially cherry blossoms, and the peak season to view these flowers is from March to May.  This event is called Hanami, and people all across the country gather together to enjoy picnics beneath a canopy of petals.  Although hanami isn’t exclusive to sakura and includes other flowers such as plum blossoms, the sakura is still the star of the show and the weather bureau makes an annual ‘cherry blossom’ forecast for those planning to witness the event.

Get in on the Fun

Now that you’ve discovered the beautiful annual tradition of hanami, you may be wondering how you can celebrate?  If you live in a place where cherry trees grow, consider yourself lucky!  If you don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out!  You can still appreciate the flowers in your garden or local botanical park.  If you’re planning a hanami celebration of your own, why not buy one of Desert Drinks exotic snack boxes to make the occasion even more special!


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