Denver Exclusive Snacks are Here!

Our Denver Store is Finally Open

Desert Drinks’ new location is finally open and we’ve got all the treats you love with exclusive Exotic Snacks like Nutella Biscuits!  It’s been three incredible years since we’ve started our journey with foreign foods from around the world and we’re thrilled to have come so far.  From a small business operating out of our own home to our first physical location in Phoenix, it’s a great honor to finally open our second store in Denver Colorado.  Why are we honored, you may ask?  Like us, you won’t settle for the mundane and ordinary and we definitely couldn’t have achieved the impossible without your love and support.  Our fans are as passionate about Exotic Snacks and Sodas as we are and your infectious enthusiasm is not only the reason still standing today but the reason we’re thriving!

Come On in for Exclusive Denver Exotics

In honor of the grand opening of our Denver store we’ve prepared a host of Exotic Snacks and Sodas for you to enjoy.  These exciting products hail from across the world with snacks from as close as Canada and as far away as Thailand!  There’s just one catch.  You have to actually come into our Denver store to get your hands on these goodies, because you won’t find them online or in our Phoenix store!
Crush “Birch Beer” Soda - Canada
Crush Birch Beer Soda can be bought in all of the Canadian provinces though it is most commonly found in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Crush Birch Beer is red in color and has a flavor similar to root beer but with a sharp aftertaste.
Crush Birch Beer - Canada
Lays Max “Gourmet Sour Cream” Chips - Thailand
If you think you’ve had sour cream chips before, you’d be wrong.  These Sour Cream chips are packed with flavor and add just a hint of green onion to the mix.  Tailored for the Thai pallet, these chips bring a unique twist to the table and are bursting with that sour cream taste you know and love.
Lays Max Sour Cream - Thailand
Nestle Cereals - Poland
Did you know Nestle makes cereal?  This delicious breakfast food can be found in over 73 countries.  Sadly, this delicious cereal can’t be found stateside unless you come to Desert Drinks!  What’s more, we have a variety to choose from, so why not pick up a bag or two?
Nestle Cereals - Poland
Lays Stax “Sriracha” - Thailand
Crunchy, salty, potato chip goodness with spicy kick of Thai Sriracha sauce.  These Lays Stax are straight forward as they bring the heat right to your mouth.
Lay's Stax Sriracha - Thailand
What the Fanta “Mystery Flavor” Soda - France
What the Fanta was an interactive campaign that dropped clues so fans could discover the new flavor.  Believing in the ‘thrill of the chase’ Fanta produced a variety of flavors to add to the mystery.  All the sodas are blue in color but each bottle could have a unique flavor!  Although this campaign has ended you can still purchase What the Fanta at our Denver store.
What the Fanta - France
Nutella Biscuits - France
These adorable, crunchy Nutella Biscuits are heart shaped because the ‘heart’ of the cookie is a delicious, creamy Nutella center.  The biscuits come in a tube container, ideal for sharing with friends, or you could keep them all for yourself.  We won’t judge!
Nutella Biscuits - France
Fanta “Green Cream” Soda - Thailand
This hard to find Exotic Soda is quite popular in Thailand and features a mix of fruit flavors including banana, orange, apple, and pineapple.  Not only does it sport a brilliant green color but the combination of fruit flavors has been likened to bubblegum.  How cool is that?
Fanta Green Cream - Thailand

What Are You Waiting For?

Desert Drinks has been providing Exotic Snacks and Sodas since 2019 and we’re proud to finally share our products with the rocky mountains.  If you’re too far away to visit either of our physical locations, our online store has you covered with a wide array of products that can be shipped right to your door.  However, if you happen to be in the Denver area, come in for a spell and discover something new and exciting!  We guarantee we’ve got something you’ve never seen or tasted before.  Personally, we’re fond of the Nutella Biscuits with their cute design, sweet hazelnut flavor and satisfying crunch!  So, which snack are you going to try first?


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