Kit Kat in Other Countries

Give Me a Break!

We all love Kit Kat and their memorable jingle but few people know Kit Kat flavors come in more than just chocolate.  Before becoming an exotic snack with over three hundred flavors across the globe, Kit Kat came from humble beginnings.  The beloved treat got its start in 1911 and was named after Londoner Christopher Cat, a pastry chef who hosted the politically charged Kit-Cat club.  The Kit Kat, originally developed by Rowntree’s, first appeared around a decade after the name was trademarked in the 1920s.  However, they were not the wafer based chocolates we know and love today.  Instead, Kit Kat were ordinary, mundane, boxed chocolates that did not perform particularly well.  The boxed chocolates were discontinued until a factory employee put a suggestion in the recommendation box that caught everyone’s attention.  This factory employee saw a need for a portable snack that anyone could take to work in their pack.  Inspired by the suggestion, Rowntree created a four fingered bar with a wafer center and launched the new snack as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp in 1935 and was finally renamed to Kit Kat two years later.

You Will Surely Win!

Since the advent of the KitKat this chocolatey treat has become an exotic snack loved in 16 different countries.  In Japan, KitKat is loved for more then it's sweet, crunchy, flavor.  Kitto katsu (きっと勝つ) is a saying in that means “You will surely win.”  Why is this significant?  Kitto Katto is the way Kit Kat is pronounced in Japanese, and this sounds very similar to the phrase kitto katsu.  Because of this coincidence, Kit Kat have become more than a simple treat to tantalize the taste buds, they have become a good luck charm for millions of students across Japan.  Japanese parents often put a Kit Kat bar in the lunches of their children right before an exam as a way to encourage them.  This custom has become so popular that Nestle, the current owner of the Kit Kat brand, has noticed a significant spike in sales during the time of college entrance exams.  Now that you know about this little tradition, it’s no surprise that Kit Kat are so popular.  Among the three hundred flavors available are green tea, chestnut, cherry blossom, peach parfait, graham cracker, icecream, melon, and even sweet potato!

Back to School

Fall is coming and all across the US students are heading back to school, but whether you're a student, a parent, or simply looking for a new job, why not create a little good luck of your own?  Desert Drinks and Exotics has a bountiful selection of exotic snacks and Kit Kat products from around the world and they make a perfect lunch treat or a nice reward for a job well done!  Head on over to our online store or one of our physical locations and pick up some exotic Kit Kat flavors today! 


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