The Joy of Exotic Drinks

Cool Off With Desert Drinks

As we hit the peak of summer Desert Drinks is helping Arizona stay cool by bringing the joy of Exotic Sodas to your doorstep.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a cold, lightly sweet, and fizzy drink on a hot, August day.  Most of us can admit treating yourself to a soda is more than a way to stay hydrated, it’s a deeply satisfying and nostalgic experience.  How many of you have stopped by a vending machine on your way to class?  How about that essential visit to the convenience store while on a road trip with friends and family?  Could you contain your excitement when you discovered your favorite, hard to find drink was in stock?

We Believe in Expanding Your Horizons

We understand and appreciate that feeling of exaltation but Desert Drinks is not your average snack shop.  We’re not mere purveyors of food and drink, we deal in something much more valuable; experiences.  The excitement and wonder at trying something you’ve never seen or heard of before creates a lasting impression.  Trust us, that’s something we’ve learned first hand and those lasting impressions inspired us to build an entire business around experiencing new and different things!

Try Something Different

At Desert Drinks, we’ve got it all.  Want to try a chocolate banana soda from China?  How about coffee flavored soda from New York?  We have hard to find regional drinks AND we have exotic sodas from all over the world including Egypt, Malaysia, and the UK, just to name a few.  So what are you waiting for?  Come on in to Desert Drinks and try something exotic today!


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