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You're about to begin an epic journey through the land of Hyrule, but you need Epic Gamer fuel to keep your hunger at bay long enough to rescue the princess.  Desert Drinks has been there and that’s why we’re stocked with all the chips and sodas you’ll need to make it all the way to the end game.  Don’t believe us?  We’ve got you covered with exotic snacks and drinks from around the world guaranteed to energize both you and your taste buds.

PS5 Energy Drink - Japan
The official energy drink of Playstation is the perfect fuel for the ultimate gamer.  Boasting a boost to your digital performance, the PS5 energy drink has a vaguely blue color with a subtle hint of blueberry flavor.
G Zone Energy Drink - Japan
Another energy drink from Japan, the  G Zone’s Utopia has been described as “mecha mecha oishii”, or insanely delicious.  Full of all the ingredients that keep you agile and alert, G Zone is sure to please.
Mexican Taco Doritos - Japan
While Doritos is an American brand, they’ve been available in Japan since 1987 and come in a variety of unique, Japan only, flavors.  This particular batch of Doritos is seasoned with lime, tomato, and other traditional seasoning aimed at recreating an authentic Mexican taco experience!
Mountain Dew Passionfruit Frenzy - New Zealand
Straight from New Zealand and into your hand, this exotic Mountain Dew flavor comes in a beautiful golden color and combines passionfruit and citrus for a unique flavor you can’t get anywhere else.
Mountain Dew Doritos - Australia
Nothing says Gamer Fuel more than Mountain Dew and Doritos, but what happens when you combine the two?  Described as unique, cool, and delicious, these Doritos really did taste like Mountain Dew, with a strong citrus profile and sweet and salty notes.  These limited edition chips were not only highly sought after but difficult to get your hands on.  While it’s unfortunate this Australian exclusive is no longer in production, we hope to see these on our shelves again.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Desert Drinks Has What You Crave!

This is only the tip of the Desert Drinks Iceberg.  We have mountains of snacks and sodas from across the globe and they’re ripe for the taking, so what are you waiting for?  With monsters to conquer, worlds to explore, dragons to slay, and villagers to rescue, you’re going to need an extra boost of energy to stay focused and win the day.  It’s dangerous to go alone, so grab some Gamer Fuel from Desert Drinks before you head out on your next wild adventure!

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