If you love exotic chips then you'll want to try Shabang!

Shabang Chips

If you’re a snack lover, chances are you’ve heard of Whole Shabang chips or even given them a try. Shabang chips are exotic, and one can even say rare treats enjoyed by many food lovers who are on a constant search for delicious new snacks. Over the years, Shabang chips have gained popularity among stoners, gamers, foreign movie lovers, and other individuals.


With a combination of flavors, including salt, vinegar, barbeque seasonings, and others, these chips deliver a heavenly taste that leaves your mouth watering for more. In fact, snack enthusiasts say that whole Shabang chips pack more punch than any other potato chip type in the market.


What is Shabang Chips?

Word is whole Shabang chips are perhaps the best potato chips ever made. Unfortunately, not so many people knew about the existence of these potato chips until recently.


That’s because, for many years, the snacks were only available for individuals with ties to the American correctional system. Only the incarcerated, people who visited them in prison, and those who worked in jails and prisons understood the sweetness of these lovely snacks. But today, these snacks are available to all chip connoisseurs. You only need to know where to buy them.


Manufactured in Canada, Shabang chips started as a spinoff of Moon Lodge potato chips made by Keefe Group, the leading supplier of food products and other items to the prison population.


But the snacks garnered a cult following among formerly incarcerated individuals and other chips lovers through positive word-of-mouth. As a fact, there are Facebook fan pages, message boards, and auctions on eBay to try to buy a bag of these snacks out of prison.


Due to the increased demand for Shabang potato chips, Keefe Group eventually launched an online store in 2016 to sell them to the public and prevent an increase in chip-fueled crime.


Whole Shabang Chips Flavors

Snackers compare Shabang flavor to slightly more easily accessible snacks like UTZ Carolina Style Barbeque chips, Ruffles All Dressed, and Zapp’s Voodoo. The popular snack often features a delightful blend of flavors, such as barbecue, onion, garlic, salt, vinegar, and others. Popular offerings of Shabang chips include:

  • Original Potato Chips
  • Extreme Rippled Potato Chips
  • Extreme Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
  • Extreme Crunchies
  • Original Peanuts


Where Can You Buy Shabang Chips?

Despite being available to the general public, finding these delightful snacks might prove difficult. Yes! You can find them on eBay, but the entrepreneurs there tend to sell them at a higher price tag. You can get those delicious chips without the exaggerated prices through reliable online vendors.


The best place to buy your Shabang Chips is Desert-Drinks, a reputable online store that will meet all your snack needs. The store provides you with a variety of Shabang flavors at an affordable price. So, whether you need some quick snacks to eat while smoking a joint or a delicious snack companion while watching your favorite foreign film, Desert-Drinks got you covered with plenty of Shebang offerings to keep your taste buds happy.








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