Lychee: Fruit of Emperors

Lychee: Food of Emperors

Lychee has become one of the most sought after fruit flavors in the world. It has a sweet taste with ample fragrance and a unique appearance unlike any other fruit. It’s been used to make lychee soda and oreo cookies! However, did you know that there are entire festivals centered around the delicious fruit and that Lychee is responsible for the downfall of an Empire

The Downfall of an Empire

During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of China, lychee could be found around a large portion of China, except for the capital where he and the royal family lived! His wife had a love for the fruit. The Emperor, desiring to lavish her with gifts to her taste, tried to have it imported fresh daily. This was its own unique challenge since the fruit would begin to lose it’s fragrance and taste within two days of being harvested. 

In order to to keep the fruit traversing the near 700km to his home province from where it was grown, he established a network of relay stations for horses, not dissimilar to the pony express that was created in the USA much later, to ferry the fresh fruit to his beloved wife.

However, the Emperor’s obsession with obtaining the fruit made him blind to the machinations of others in the Imperial Court who sought to topple him from the throne and take over for themselves. Who would have thought that a love of Lychee would bring down an empire?

The Crazy Things It's Used For

If you think that lychee is only eaten as a fruit on its own, then you’re in for a surprise! There are a multitude of creations using lychee flavor that exist in the modern market! These include:

  • Soda
  • Chips
  • Gummies/Chew Snacks
  • Cookies
  • Ketchup
  • Salsa

And that’s only some of the many uses of lychee! The world has fallen head over heels for the flavor and the creations that are coming out each year are more wild than the last. 

Where To Start Your Lychee Experience

If you want to start getting into the varied world of Lychee flavors then you'll want to start off with a Fanta Lychee! With the sweet, delicious taste of lychee from your favorite soda company, you're guaranteed to have a wonderful first experience with this exotic fruit!

If you're feeling a bit snackish then you should grab some Lychee Oreos all the way from China. Subtle lychee flavors mixed in with the Oreo cookie you know and love combine into a delicious snack unlike any other you've experienced.

Get Your Lychee Snacks Before They’re Gone

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