The Elusive White Peach Fanta

Fanta, a Brand Born from the Turmoil of War

Everyone has heard of Fanta, but did you know their brand offers exotic flavors such as White Peach Fanta?  Fanta is a soda that can be found across the globe and boasts more than 100 flavors world wide, including elderflower blossom, bubblegum, and even yogurt flavor!  The interesting facts about this fizzy drink don’t end there.  The soda was created by Max Keith, the head of the German branch of Coca-Cola in an effort to combat the impacts of the US trade embargo implemented during WWII.  Because of the embargo, the import of Coca-Cola syrup to Germany was difficult and so Keith decided to create a soft drink only using ingredients readily available in-country at that time.  These ingredients included by-products such as beet sugar, whey, and apple pomace.  But this new sugary concoction needed a name if it was going to succeed during one of the most tumultuous times in world history.  The name Fanta was the result of a brainstorming session in which Max Keith encouraged his team to use their imaginations or “fantasie” in German.  Thus the name Fanta was born!

A Flavor from the Land of the Rising Sun

Desert Drinks wants to put the most unique flavors around the world in your hands!  Synonymous with the hottest time of the year, the succulent, sweet flavor of Peaches makes us think of summer picnics and days spent sheltered beneath shady trees. In Georgia, one of the top producing peach states in America, it’s easy to imagine elegant ladies on porch swings warding off the sultry summer air with the wave of a paper fan.  Even in Japan, the peach is an unmatched summertime treat.  In that island nation, there is a cultural tendency to treat fruit like a luxury item, and as a result the quality of fruit sold in markets is very high.  Japanese peaches are large, juicy and flavorful, and because they are wrapped individually with protective coverings during their growth cycle, they are unrivaled in quality.  

One of the most famous varieties of peach in Japan is the white peach, or hakutou (白桃), which is prized for its sweet flavor and unusual white flesh.  Because of its unique properties, the hakutou has become a favorite ingredient in snacks, desserts, and beverages.  It takes center stage during hinamatsuri, a festival held during the time of year when peach trees are in full bloom.

White Peach Fanta is a Rare Treat!

It’s no wonder that White Peach flavored Fanta is one of our best selling products from Desert Drinks.  Just like the fruit from which it gets its name, this Fanta sports a unique, milky color and an unmatched flavor that sets it apart from the average peaches available stateside.  White Peach Fanta is a rare find indeed!  But why is it so hard to come by?  This soda is normally found exclusively in vending machines in the mountainous regions of Japan, and it’s been discontinued numerous times only to be revived, thanks to its popularity.  Of course it’s easy to find regular sodas in Japan, but the Japanese people are proud of their four distinct seasons.  It’s easy to see why seasonal and limited edition flavors are so trendy.  Why not give our best selling, exotic Japanese White Peach Fanta a try!  Shop now at Desert Drinks!


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