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Pake Taxo (Mexico)

Discover the snacking sensation of Pake Taxo! Enjoy the bold Xtra Flamin Hot mix of Crunchy Cheetos, Doritos 3D, Tostitos chips, and Sabritones. Looking for something more cheesy? Try the Quexo mix of Cheetos Poffs, Doritos 3D, Crujitos, and Cheetos popcorn. Or savor the Botanero mix of Cheetos Poffs, Crujitos, Churrumais, and Sabritones. Love a little bit of everything? Dig into the Mezcladito mix of Cheetos Bolitas, Fritos, Sabritones, and Rancheritos! Unleash a flavor adventure with Pake Taxo!


Mezcladito: 08/06/23


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