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Skittles Clouds (China) *DAMAGED*

  • £6.00
  • £7.00

Skittles Clouds are a gummy candy with a chewy pillow-like texture to them which is different than the average gummy candy you may be used to. 

**The Skittles Clouds within this listing have become melted and misshaped due to heat exposure during shipping, so we have reduced the price on these items. However, they are still perfectly safe to eat. 

Production Dates:

Fruit: 01/12/22

Flower: 02/14/22



Fruit: Orange, Grape, Apple, Strawberry, and Lemon

Flower: Rose Grape, Jasmine Lemon, Peach Apple, Osmanthus Mango, Cherry Blossom White Peach


Chinese Product - Not Stamped With Expiration Dates, Stamped With Date Of Production.