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Skittles Zero Sugar Gummies (China)

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Skittles Gummies with ZERO SUGAR from China. We were very pleasantly surprised upon trying these as none of us could even tell that they were zero sugar. These are a perfect full flavor treat for anyone looking for zero sugar options. 

*Date shown on product is the production date, not an expiration date. 



Fruit - Citrus Orange, Lily Peach, Coconut Mango, Strawberry Peach, & Grape Grapefruit.

Produced on: 07/31/22


Fruit Tea - Melon Oolong Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Apple Oolong Tea, Lychee Black Tea, & Berry Black Tea. 

Produced on 08/02/22

Chinese Product - Not Stamped With Expiration Dates, Stamped With Date Of Production.