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Skittles Chewies

These chewy, gooey lil' things have no shell and all love.

OREO Wafer Roll

Strawberry Oreo rolled into a neat package just like your love.

KitKat Raspberry

Your Valentine is going to want to break a piece off of this treat.

Caramel Pringles

Even Mr. Pringle wants to be a sweetheart this time of year.

Cheetos Crunchos

Limited time Cheetos Crunchos, wrapped in pretty pink.

CRUSH Cream Soda Mousse

Your Valentines crush will love this limited time CRUSH soda.

OREO Sakura Chiffon Cake

Of course you get your valentine Sakura Chiffon cake for V-day!

Fanta Laici

A little laici love Fanta always goes straight to the heart.

PURE Gummy Hearts 

These delicious gummies are truly pure love in each bite.

Pocky Heartful Cherry

Tasty little treat in the shape of your love, a heart!

All boxes are one time purchase or subscription, pause anytime!


Desert drinks is a place with amazing snacks and drinks that you will find nowhere else! The environment is great! The quality of everything is amazing! The store is very clean and you will always be greeted by the owners! Highly recommend to anyone looking for something new to try.

Michael L. - loves the box!

Our Customers

Cool and exciting concept! Owners are super friendly and keep their social media fresh and fun. They have a subscription box and online ways of ordering which is a great way to see their products without having to leave your house! Definitely a place to go and visit when you're tired of the same old snacks and drinks

Bianca M. - got a sweet box! 

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We have three different Valentine's Day gift boxes to choose from. No matter which route you go, you're sure to make a loved one happy.

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