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Lay’s Staxx (China)

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An assortment of Lays Staxx flavors hailing from China.

 *Date shown on product is the production date, not an expiration date. 


Production dates:

Cucumber: 09/25/22

Black Pepper Ribe Eye Steak: 11/05/22

Tomato: 10/22/21

Finger Licking Braised Pork: 11/04/22

Sizzled Barbecue: 11/24/21

Chestnut: 03/23/22

Spanish Ham: 06/06/22

Grilled Seaweed: 05/06/21

Rose:  04/23/21

Coconut milk: 05/06/21

Black Truffle: 12/10/22

Chinese Product - Not Stamped With Expiration Dates, Stamped With Date Of Production.