Sweets, Treats, and Intrigue

The Summer Solstice is Fast Approaching.

Eager to spend more time outside?  So is Desert Drinks!  We’re over the moon excited for backyard parties, camping, picnics, and of course, cold, refreshing drinks.   That’s why our carefully curated subscription box is full of exotic snacks and exotic sodas that are sure to compliment any outdoor gathering.  Create some unforgettable summer memories with a box from Desert Drinks! 

The Sweet Snack for Busy People




  1. Delightful cookie sticks dipped in scrumptious chocolate, created for people on the go.

If you’re familiar with Pocky, chances are you’re a fan.  It’s sweet, crispy, and comes in a wide variety of awesome flavors.  During the early days of its inception, this snack was hand dipped.  The end of the stick was left bare because that’s where the confectioner held it during the dipping process.   The naked end of this sweet treat proved to be a beneficial byproduct, as it allowed people to eat on the go without getting chocolate on their fingers.  Glico expounded on this idea by creating compact packaging that could easily fit in any pocket or bag.  But what about the name?  “Pokkin” is a Japanese onomatopoeia which describes a snapping sound, and as it would happen, the new cookie sticks snapped very nicely when you bit into them.  Thus, they were dubbed Pocky.

Glico, the company responsible for this wonderful snack, is no stranger to adversity.  They were first established in the early 1920s by Riichi Ezaki, grandfather of the current CEO.  By the end of WWII in 1945, domestic and international factories were destroyed, forcing the company to start over from scratch.  Determination and hope were all that kept the company afloat until they finally re-established production of their products, and thankfully, the company enjoyed over 40 years of uninterrupted success… until their CEO, Katsuhisa Ezaki suddenly vanished.

The Monster with 21 Faces

From shape shifting foxes to sumo-wrestling river spirits, Japan has deeply fascinating lore surrounding monsters, but what do you do when the subject of your nightmares is human?  That’s what happened to Katsuhisa Eizaki.  On the evening of March 18th, 1984, a pair of armed men slipped into the home of the Glico CEO, subdued his family, snatched up Mr. Ezaki, and disappeared into the night.  During his absence, a group calling itself The Monster with 21 Faces began taunting Glico, the police, and devised convoluted ransom demands.  When Mr. Ezaki managed to escape safely three days later, Japan heaved a sigh of relief.  The ordeal was finally over.  Or was it?  The Monster with 21 Faces continued to harass Glico through scathing letters and continued to make demands under threat of violence, but that’s not all.  This group seemed to have it out for all things tasty.  They targeted Morinaga & Co, Murudai Foods, and House Food Corporation.  Their rampage lasting an astounding 17 months… And that’s where the story ends.

Where’s the pay off, you may ask?  Where’s the satisfying conclusion?  Where are these food hating criminals today?  Sadly, no one knows.  The group was never apprehended.  The Monster with 21 Faces announced its exit with one final letter to news publishers, stating they had grown bored with bullying snack and food businesses.  Afterwards, they disappeared into obscurity, never to be heard from again.

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

Pocky has been a pop culture icon that’s saturated Japanese media since the sixties and thanks to these villains, the world almost lost a timeless snack.  By the end of their rampage, The Monster with 21 Faces caused millions of dollars in damages and the scandal nearly put Morinaga and Glico completely out of business as stock prices plummeted to dangerous lows.

Now that you appreciate the trouble Glico endured during its journey to bring the world delicious and innovative treats, head on over to Desert Drinks and stock up on a few boxes of Pocky.  You never know when the bad guys will rear their ugly heads once again.


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