Mexican Candy

Mexican Candy

Describing Mexican candy with a single word would be impossible. Like the country itself, Mexican candy is vibrant and enriched with flavors, aromas, and exciting ingredients. This isn’t such a surprise considering their long history.


You see, the history of Mexican candy traces back to many centuries ago. After all, Mexico is the country where chocolate originated. The Aztec people believed the cacao plant was a gift of a tree of life received from the god called Quetzalcoatl. Not only did they use the bean of the cacao plant to make drinks, but they also used it as currency. As time went by, Aztecs also added different spices to enhance the flavor of the mixture. For that reason, Mexican chocolate can be spicy. While they didn’t use sugar, locals added honey to achieve sweetness.


Besides chocolate, chewing gums or chicle are also popular Mexican candy. Aztecs and Mayans alike got chicle from trees and used it for the same purposes we use them today. They chewed gum for fresh breath or to clean their teeth, but also to suppress hunger.


With the arrival of Europeans, a lot has changed in this department. That happened because Europeans brought sugar, which became an integral ingredient in Mexican candy today. One of the most well-known candies is Mexican marzipan. This crumbly candy is made with a combination of sugar and peanut.


When it comes to the iconic Mexican candies, it’s impossible not to mention dulce de leche or caramel. While caramel is available everywhere today, it is particularly popular in Mexico, and it’s one of the most beloved candies there.


Probably the best thing about Mexican candy is that it comes in a combination of flavors. They can be sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. Sometimes the candies contain all these flavors at once. It’s like a rhapsody of flavors and aromas on your tongue. Want to try something new? Look at Coca-Cola's Mexican Soda!


Where to find a Mexican candy store?

Nowadays, many stores sell Mexican candy made with original formulas. But what if there is no Mexican candy store near me, you wonder? The best thing to do is to shop online. With a few clicks or taps on the screen, you can order all the Mexican candy you want from Desert Drinks!


To get the most from Mexican candy, you may want to get different kinds. Whether it’s sour, spicy, or sweet, you’ll find these candies incredibly delicious. Plus, it’s always good to experiment with exotic flavors and their combinations.


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